Cheesing in Video Games

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For those of you who don’t know what “cheesing” is and what relevance it has to video games, the term refers to choosing the easiest way to accomplish a goal in a game. This typically means exploiting glitches or unbalanced game mechanisms that give the player an unfair advantage against obstacles such as bosses. Cheesing is a controversial topic which seems to have created a split between people who support it and those who think those who cheese are the scum of life. Personally, I support cheesing so long as it doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of other players and their experience playing a game. Players are often motivated to cheese when an obstacle is almost impossible to overcome. In other cases I think people cheese in order to make grinding less painful. Instead of having to actively defeat a boss several times, a player may find a way to be able to kill a boss while being away from their console or PC.

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Player in Terraria using Nurse to cheese Moon Lord

In most cases the people who are upset over people cheesing in games are often those who have overcome an obstacle legitimately without exploiting some mechanic or glitch. Hearing of others defeating a boss with ease may take away from a player’s sense of accomplishment when they themselves had struggled. One of the most common examples of cheesing exists in Terraria, a game I have been playing frequently. The game’s final boss is called Moon Lord who has to be defeated in order to obtain several end game items. He is the last boss I have to defeat before I can say I am satisfied with my play through of Terraria. There are some methods of cheesing the final boss which I will not be utilizing because I feel like it will take away from my overall experience. However, if the boss was essentially unbeatable by playing legit, I would resort to cheesing in order to beat him otherwise there would be no other way to beat the game.

It is usually the case that game developers patch and fix aspects of their game which allow players to exploit various game mechanics. On the other hand, some developers intentionally provide players with the tools to cheese. Overall, as previously mentioned I do not think cheesing is a bad thing unless it hiders the experience of other players who choose not to cheese. Cheese responsibly!


What it Means to be a Gamer

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the idea of who or what a gamer is. I believe the stereotypical image of a gamer need to be reconstructed from broader perspective. One stereotype for gamers is that they invests a large portion of their time playing video games. Although this statement is not necessarily wrong, it is not entirely true either. In most cases, gamers choose to spend a majority of their time playing video games as a form of escapism from reality.

Studies in depression state that individuals usually turn to drugs and alcoholism as a way of numbing their pain when they are depressed. Similarly, there are gamers who seek comfort in video games and, similar to drug abuse, become complacent with the idea that video games are their only source of happiness. This is one explanation as to why some gamers invest so much time into video games.

However, not all gamers invest as much time in their games as most people believe they do. Personally, I know many gamers who involve themselves in other activities aside from video games. If you were to meet these people you would never guess that they were gamers. One does not have to play video games 24/7 in order to be considered a gamer. For example, I’m typically not seen as a gamer because I spend my time doing various activities like working out or playing soccer. This does not make me exempt of the title of “gamer” it simply means I enjoy other hobbies as well. Gamers simply appreciate the content games have to offer and can choose to play a game casually or constantly.

I believe that gamer stereotypes intentionally put a negative light on gamers in order to alienate them from a culture that focuses on following the newest trends and being popular. In this sense, we live in a very extroverted world where those who would rather spend their weekend playing video games rather than going to a bar are considered losers. Being an introvert myself, I shouldn’t have to feel obligates to say “yes” when my friends ask me hangout, however, introverts are the minority and we all know the majority rules.

One final misconception I would like to shatter is the belief that girls can’t/shouldn’t play video games. Both society and the male community of gamers are equally responsible for creating this belief. Through the use of media, society has labeled girls as materialistic and feminine. Being a predominantly male hobby, a girl playing video games is both bizarre and unheard of because it strays away from the conventional ideal of what a girl is. In addition to society’s description of what a girl should be like, the male community of gamers has made it very difficult for girls to enter the gaming scene. This is because most male gamers hold the mindset that girl gamers are inferior and incapable of playing video games. I believe girls are equally capable of playing video games and have just as much of a right to play as we, the male community do.

I hope that over time society will begin to look at gamers in a new light. Every gamer has their own story and their is no justification for painting us all with the same brush. Don’t judge a book by its cover, a fitness junkie or even a sports fanatic can be gamers. Most importantly, we should respect and welcome the female presence within the gaming community.

Gamers are diverse.


Fear of Losing What Doesn’t Exist


I think its time to talk about online video games and their ranking system. One of the most popular online video games is League of Legends, a MOBA where, in their classic game mode 2 teams of 5 players fight to destroy each other’s Nexus to end the game. Personally, I think the greatest part about League of Legends is queuing up with 4 other friends and playing a casual game to kill some time. However, League of Legends has one of the biggest competitive scenes in gaming history alongside similar titles like DOTA2, a much more complex and strategy dependent game. With that being said, I think a lot of people take the competitive scene too seriously. I am not saying I don’t agree with LoL fans supporting professional players, I am saying I don’t agree with how seriously non-professional LoL players take their ranked status.

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Video Game Binging Solutions

Video Games

AND Binging

OR Solution

NOT Burnout


[This post would be found by a video gamer who is looking for a solution for binging on video games. This is most likely because they have been binging consistently and wish to stop. My reader will not find anything about burnout because I will not be discussing burnout or a solution to burnout.]

There comes a point in every gamer’s life where they binge on their favourite video game for hours on end. Being a gamer myself I too have suffered. Personally, I found myself binging around Christmas time when I received almost every new video game I could possibly want. My brother, who is also an avid video game fanatic, would often assist me in completing these new games. We would spend countless hours playing these video games, completely oblivious to feelings of hunger. Time was no longer measurable or meaningful. After repeating this routine for several Christmases my brother and I decided to label this unhealthy binge fest as a “tradition” in order to feel better about ourselves. It is because I have experienced it that I believe I have some possible solutions for binging.

As fun as binging can be, there are still several downsides to it. For one, binging on video games separates you from the more meaningful things in life such as family and friends. Video games provide us with temporary happiness while the people around us are there for the long run. By binging we spend less time with the people we care about and more time secluded in a room like a recluse. Regardless of how invested you are in your game you are still a human being with responsibilities. Video games are not and should never take priority. With that being said, focus on completing your tasks, small or big, in order to break away from binging.

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Artistic Design in Video Games


AND Design

OR Art

NOT Movies

Terraria Banner

[I believe that this post is geared towards someone who has an interest in the visual design and artistic form of Terraria. My reader is someone who is looking to find content about the various styles and designs that are used in Terraria. However, they will not find content about films considering the keyword “movies” is completely excluded.]

What can be accomplished through the use of modern video game design programs is almost limitless. Prior to the 1990s, video games were rendered in 2D and were often very linear. Despite the countless 3D modelling programs available to us today there are still some popular video game franchises that rely on two dimensional game design. An excellent example of this would be Terraria, an action-adventure sandbox game, which uses a two dimensional 16-bit style.

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What separates Terraria from other 2D games is its use of vivid colours and particle effects which contrast a relatively simple landscape. Also, The sprites included in Terraria are very detailed and are hardly ever reused more than once. Although most 2D games are very static, Terraria manages to make the game feel relatively dynamic by making the background move in relation to the player. The background also changes based on the characters environmental/biome location. For example, if a player were to enter a cave biome the background would switch to an underground theme. This adds to the game’s artistic diversity considering there is a new visual theme for each individual biome.

Terraria seems to encourage players to alter the game’s standard landscape into something more abstract and colourful using the various tools the game has to offer. Being a sandbox game, the landscape essentially becomes the player’s canvas allowing the construction of intricate structures such as this. Player’s can collect and colour various blocks to use in the construction of whatever they choose whether it be a monument or a house.

Having invested several hours into Terraria, I never once found the game’s visual design bland. This is because the environment was always being changed either by me or by the game itself. Overall, Terraria makes use of arcade style graphics while adding a modern kick through the use of unique visual effects. This ultimately results in a continuously refreshing video game in an artistic sense. Personally, I have never been a fan of retro style graphics because of how bland they are aesthetically, however, Terraria is anything but bland.

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