Why I Enjoy Single Player Games


There are a lot of games installed on my computer. Most of these games are multiplayer, however, I typically enjoy my single player games more. This is because I feel like single player games have a lot more to offer than multiplayer games in terms of story and immersion. Multiplayer games are typically focused around player versus player content and don’t always have a story to tell. In comparison, single player games essentially have to have a good story in order to survive. That is the biggest difference between the two genres of video games.

Multiplayer games are usually very fast paced and as a result certain aspects of the game are intentionally neglected. These aspects are typically graphics and story. Single player games are focused on exactly the opposite considering practically every single player revolves around a story. A video game story is no different than a book’s story. There is a introduction, climax and a conclusion or resolution. As any story does, video game plots need characters in order to function. These characters are often very well rounded and have different personalities. This makes them much more relatable than characters we see in multiplayer games who generally don’t have personalities. A good example of a single player game with an amazing story in Metal Gear Solid Five: The Phantom Pain which I have reviewed.


Final Fantasy XV Graphics

Aside from story, multiplayer games seem to place less attention on graphics. This is not to say multiplayer games have bad graphics. Single player games have the ability to use things such as cinematic cutscenes whereas multiplayer games are often extremely fast paced and cannot implement such features. Final Fantasy is a single player video game title which utilizes cutscenes frequently throughout the game. Additionally, single player games are geared towards one player. Multiplayer games have to cater towards a much larger audience. As a result, they have to use average graphics which most of their players can run on their computers. Particle effects typically come with good graphics and are notorious for causing extreme lag.


Example of Particles Effects in Warframe

For example, Warframe is a multiplayer game which utilizes particle effects and constantly receives complaints. These complaints are from people with medium to lower end computers who have their game crash because too many people in their lobby are spamming particle effects. In response, Warframe provided players with the option to turn of particle effects. Single player games are not obligated to so, therefore, single player games typically have better graphics. With a good balance of graphically appealing content and good story lines, single player games interest more than multiplayer games.


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