My Position on the Platform War


Over the years I have played games on several different platforms such as X-box, PS3 and PC. Personally, I find that PCs are the true master race in comparison to other platforms considering they offer a lot more customization. However, this varies greatly if you do not build your own computer. Most PCs bought out of stores are very overpriced and don’t function as well as one would expect. This makes store bought PCs very similar to consoles which are manufactured, branded and sold in stores.

I build my own computers and as a result have saved myself a good bit of money. I know the quality of my parts and can say with confidence that my computer is equivalent to the amount of money I invested in it. If any of my parts were to break I could simply install another part. Console users don’t have this luxury and generally have to send in their X-box or PS3 for repair or buy a new one entirely.


Additionally, PCs can be upgraded at any time. For an console user to upgrade they have to wait until a newer version of their console is released which often takes several years. A PC user can simply go to a computer store and pick up a part with higher specs than his or her previous one. With this in mind, PC users have the potential to make their computers perform and look better than consoles.

Finally, PC versions of games that are on consoles sometimes have mod support. Mod support allows users to install mods which can increase a games playability by adding new features. A good example of this would be the Fallout franchise. They have continuously supported PC players with mod support which usually results in some crazy funny mods. Overall, I think PCs have a lot more diversity in comparison to consoles.


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