Fallout 4’s Only Problem


Being a typical Bethesda game, it comes as no surprise that Fallout 4 contains several bugs. More often than not, these bugs are usually hilarious and bring character to the game. For this reason, my problem is not with the game’s functionality, but rather with it’s disappointing graphics. Trust me, by no means am I a graphics fiend; I find enjoyment in games that make use of simple graphics such as Terraria and Minecraft. However, for a next generation game, Fallout 4’s graphics seem fairly lackluster in comparison to what they could be. Fallout 4’s graphics have certainly improved from Fallout 3’s yet, I feel as if the game cannot be compared to the likes of other open world games released in the same year such as MGSV or Mad Max.

maxresdefault (1)

On the other hand, it seems like Bethesda has put a lot of emphasis on detailing 3D models in the game. As seen above, Fallout 3’s textures seem flat, especially on the robot’s model which seems very pixelated. In contrast, Fallout 4 looks much sharper and crisp with more vivd colours compared to Fallout 3’s very monotone atmosphere.

I believe the only reason why Fallout 4’s graphics seem outdated is because of the graphics engine Bethesda uses to make it’s games. Previous Bethesda titles like Fallout 3 and Oblivion used the Gamebryo engine. Fallout 4 utilizes the Creation engine which is the same engine Bethesda uses to create Skyrim but it has been modified for Fallout 4. Considering developers started working on Fallout 4 several years ago, it makes sense that the game’s graphics would reflect that of an older engine. It would be highly illogical to shift over to a new engine while in the midst of developing the game.


Overall, being a PC gamer, I have no reason to not pick up Fallout 4. The game itself provides a sea of content to play through and by using Fallout 4 PC mods I can improve the graphics to my liking. Although I wish Fallout 4’s graphics were better by default, I can understand why they may not be up to par with current generation games.



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