Cheesing in Video Games

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For those of you who don’t know what “cheesing” is and what relevance it has to video games, the term refers to choosing the easiest way to accomplish a goal in a game. This typically means exploiting glitches or unbalanced game mechanisms that give the player an unfair advantage against obstacles such as bosses. Cheesing is a controversial topic which seems to have created a split between people who support it and those who think those who cheese are the scum of life. Personally, I support cheesing so long as it doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of other players and their experience playing a game. Players are often motivated to cheese when an obstacle is almost impossible to overcome. In other cases I think people cheese in order to make grinding less painful. Instead of having to actively defeat a boss several times, a player may find a way to be able to kill a boss while being away from their console or PC.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.14.46 PM

Player in Terraria using Nurse to cheese Moon Lord

In most cases the people who are upset over people cheesing in games are often those who have overcome an obstacle legitimately without exploiting some mechanic or glitch. Hearing of others defeating a boss with ease may take away from a player’s sense of accomplishment when they themselves had struggled. One of the most common examples of cheesing exists in Terraria, a game I have been playing frequently. The game’s final boss is called Moon Lord who has to be defeated in order to obtain several end game items. He is the last boss I have to defeat before I can say I am satisfied with my play through of Terraria. There are some methods of cheesing the final boss which I will not be utilizing because I feel like it will take away from my overall experience. However, if the boss was essentially unbeatable by playing legit, I would resort to cheesing in order to beat him otherwise there would be no other way to beat the game.

It is usually the case that game developers patch and fix aspects of their game which allow players to exploit various game mechanics. On the other hand, some developers intentionally provide players with the tools to cheese. Overall, as previously mentioned I do not think cheesing is a bad thing unless it hiders the experience of other players who choose not to cheese. Cheese responsibly!


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