Welcome to the Gamer’s Cavern!


in the Gamer’s Cavern readers can expect to find content geared towards people interested in the gaming community. However, this site also welcomes people who are curious to know more about video games and the impact they have on society. My blog posts will be more focused on educating non-gamers about video games and the various intricacies they possess that are often overlooked. Readers can find out more about me by visiting my pages and clicking the “About Me” tab. Other pages on this site include content regarding game reviews and gaming news. My pages will offer content that will hopefully prove informative to gamers who are interested in the latest games and news.

I believe video games to be like interactive stories with more to offer than a beginning and end. With this WordPress site I hope to share this philosophy with all my readers through the content I produce. My hope is that this site will appeal to avid gamers and non-gamers alike in an attempt to shatter the misconceptions about gaming!


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